Our Story

A good night sleep in your own bed is a privilege and something to be cherished. Have you ever returned home from a long trip and all you could think about was getting home so you could crawl into your own bed? We believe every person is at his or her BEST after a good night sleep. This goes for those of us living in a home or an apartment or those living on the streets. A good night sleep is essential to operating at a high level the next day and creating a positive and productive impact on your surroundings.

Can you imagine not having a bed to sleep on at night?

That was the question that pondered our Founder, Jennifer Kenning, after she watched the 2009 blockbuster movie, The Blindside. A scene in the movie particularly moved her where Michael Oher had just been shown his new room by his guardian mother, Leann Tuohy. During that scene he tells her that he had never had a bed before. In that powerful moment she realized that she had taken for granted having a bed her entire life. As the days and weeks went along, Jenn was searching for a way to make an impact for those without beds and to bring awareness that having a bed is a privilege.

Her initial search on a way to get involved encompassed looking for an organization that she could write a check out to that focused on delivering beds to people trying to break the cycle of homelessness. To her surprise there wasn’t a single organization with this purpose.

During that search for a way to make a difference, Jenn also revisited a book she had recently completed called “Wide Awake” by Erwin McManus. She was reminded of a question that Erwin posed, “Are you sleepwalking through life or are you living Wide Awake?” Erwin went into great detail about challenging people to fulfill God’s potential here on earth. “If you didn’t get out of bed in the morning, would it impact anybody?” Her search to live Wide Awake, fulfill God’s potential here on earth, and the idea of making a lasting impact for those without a bed ignited the spark that has become A Good Night Sleep.