Mission, Vision, & Values


To be the strategic partner for organizations that work with the homeless, domestic abuse, and families looking for shelter due to unforeseen circumstances or natural disasters. We partner with organizations to provide beds and bedding essentials for people transitioning into permanent housing.


Our vision is to aid and cure one aspect of homelessness and to bring awareness to our communities about the need and privilege of having a bed and a good night sleep.


  • We strongly believe that every human being no matter the circumstance deserves to have access to A Good Night Sleep in a new bed that allows for rest, relaxation, and rejuvenation.
  • We believe in today’s society that having a bed has been taken for granted. We are trying to raise awareness that sleeping in a bed every night is a privilege.
  • We partner with and are building our organization amongst people who are business minded that value stewardship, integrity, generosity and making a difference in their community and the world.