Housing Partners

Below is a list of our current & future housing partners.

Los Angeles, CA

Downtown Women’s Shelter

The mission of the Downtown Women’s Center is to provideDowntown Women's Center permanent supportive housing and a safe and healthy community fostering dignity, respect, and personal stability, and to advocate ending homelessness for women. DWC is committed to providing the resources homeless women need to reconnect with their sense of self and reclaim goals and dreams that have become lost in their day-to-day struggle for survival. In keeping with our mission and philosophy, we empower each individual woman via access to supportive services and a safe community that can enhance her safety and well-being.

PATH (People Assisting The Homeless)

Founded in 1984, PATH is a non-profit community organization whose mission is to break the cycle of homelessness by empowering homeless people with the tools for self-sufficiency. PATH works towards this goal by providing services that help homeless people find work, save money, secure housing, and empower their lives.

Door of Hope

Door of Hope is a non-profit, faith based organization whose mission is to equip homeless families to rebuild their lives. Since 1985, we have been providing transitional housing and a restoration program especially designed for homeless families with children.


OrphaNetwork is a 501(c)(3) organization working with children inORPHANetwork the Orphanages of Nicaragua to rescue, restore, and redeem them.

San Francisco, CA

Shelter NetworkShelter-Network

Shelter Network is committed to providing housing and support services that create opportunities for homeless families and individuals to re-establish self-sufficiency and to return to permanent homes of their own. They graduate upwards of 1000 families a year into permanent housing from their shelters.