Donate Mattress Los Angeles

When you donate a mattress in Los Angeles, you are helping somebody make a better life for him/herself. Its effects may be largely intangible, but one cannot discount the power that having had a good night’s sleep brings. We all function best when we are well-rested; it is when we are at our most alert and when we most feel up to dealing with the various stresses of life.

When considering making corporate donations to nonprofits, think about the impact that having a bed to call their own can have on those who are trying to break the cycle of homelessness or who are transitioning into permanent housing. Donate a mattress in Los Angeles today and you can go to bed knowing that soon someone else in your community will be enjoying the benefits of a good night’s sleep.

Donate Mattresses in Los Angeles
Having sufficient rest and a comfortable bed is a basic human need, but it’s not something that most people really think about when they’re considering making a donation to charity. This is doubtless because most of us take the fact of having our own bed for granted. At A Good Night Sleep of Los Angeles, one of our main goals is to raise awareness about the fact that it is actually a privilege to sleep in a bed every night-and that many people in our communities do not have this privilege.

Donate a mattress in Los Angeles today and you will be making a fundamental difference in someone’s daily life. Check out our blog for updates on our projects, follow us on Twitter, and find out how you can make a donation and/or get involved today.