A Good Night Sleep (AGNS) was created as a non-profit organization to ensure the benefit of a good night sleep by supplying beds and bedding essentials to people making the transition from homelessness into permanent housing.

We are looking to cure one aspect of homelessness by alleviating one line item for those groups working on the front lines. Our goal is to be the largest provider in the world of beds and bedding essentials to organizations working with people making the transition out of homelessness.

Business Model

Our business model focuses on the abilities of our team to execute the following:

  • Raise money through individual and corporate donations to purchase beds and bedding essentials.
  • Develop and foster strategic relationships with manufacturers, wholesalers, and retailers for discounted pricing and/or full donations of beds and bedding essentials.
  • Keep operating costs at less than 20% of capital raised.
  • Develop and foster relationships with shelters, organizations, and the government to identify and work with those who have the greatest need.
  • Secure PR through influential individuals to believe and market concept to potential donors and strategic partners.

Strategic Plan

Our strategic plan will follow 3 phases listed below:

Phase 1: To provide a resource for people trying to establish permanent housing that have previously been homeless or been devastated by a natural disaster. We plan to work with homeless organizations, Habitat for Humanity and other Government programs to deliver beds and bedding essentials.

Phase 2: Expand organization to take on Emergency and Transitional Housing issues. This phase will focus on partnering with hotels, mattress stores and companies, and individuals. We will be the resource that they call when they plan to purchase new beds and dispose of old inventory. This inventory will be sanitized and then distributed to emergency shelters, transitional housing, and various projects throughout the US.

Phase 3: AGNS will be a household name so that anyone who wants to dispose of a bed will know to call us. We will have the resources and capabilities to accept requests from individuals and families for beds and bedding essentials who will be evaluated by a committee.